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AFMR Endowment
Mentorship Program

AFMR has launched a Mentorship Program as part of its Strategic Planning Initiative.

Thanks to the work of the Mentorship Strategic Planning Committee, the program has several components with more elements in the planning stage:

  • AFMR Regional Meeting Workshops AFMR leaders/councilors are offering an informational workshop at each regional meeting covering mentorship needs, discussing mentor/mentee best practices, and offering mentor/mentee interactions.

  • Regional Mentor/Mentee Database AFMR members were asked to participate in a mentorship survey. There were 70 responses of which 51 were senior or midcareer faculty interested in becoming mentors. A database of respondents has been created, broken down by mentor/mentee, institution, and region. AFMR regional chairs have been provided with the information.

Future plans include Zoom webinar sessions where mentees can ask questions of and interact with several mentors.

Are you interested in being involved in the Mentorship Program?

In being a mentor/mentee?

If so, let us know more about you, apply today!

Need a mentor? View our mentor list.

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