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Individual Membership

Active Member ($250)
Active Members are individuals who have completed a meritorious investigation in any area of medical research, in most instances including publication. Active members are eligible to vote in national and regional elections and to hold office.

Associate (Trainee) Members ($110)
Associate Members are individuals who have held a doctoral level degree for fewer than six years, who are in training, and/or who do not qualify for active membership. Upon completion of training or at the end of six years an associate member is eligible for active membership.

Medical Student Members ($50)
Students currently enrolled in a Doctoral or Residency program, pursuing a career in investigative medicine and clinical research.

Undergraduate Student Members ($25)
Undergraduate Students currently enrolled in a Bachelor or an Associate degree program.

Special Membership Categories

Emeritus Member
Active members in good standing for 5 or more years, who have passed their 70th birthday may become Emeritus Members by sending a written request to Dues are significantly reduced, covering the cost of the Journal of Investigative Medicine, offering the latest developments in medical research.

Honorary Members
Honorary Members shall be former presidents of the AFMR or professionals in any field related to medicine who have displayed all of the following: (1) excellence in medical education, including research/clinical, translational or basic science, (2) performed service to the AFMR and (3) have acted as mentors. Honorary members will be eligible to serve on committees but not hold officer positions. Honorary members shall not pay dues. A letter of application requesting honorary membership must be accompanied by the candidate’s CV and a letter from an Active or Senior member of the AFMR that describes the candidate’s ethical, professional, and personal qualifications, including documentation of mentoring. Submit your nomination to

Departmental/Group Memberships


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