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2019 Henry Christian Award Recipients

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Noemi Capistrano
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Non-Physiological Use of Insulin is Associated with A1C Inertia in Type 2 Diabetes
Lauren Carter
Stanford University
Biallelic Dnajc21 Variants & Inherited Bone Marrow Failure: Report of Three Affected Sibs
Sarah Cilvik
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Chronic Glucagon Infusion Does Not Increase Insulin Secretion in Late Gestation Fetal Lambs
Amit Dey, MBBS
Soluble Lectin-Like Oxidized Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor-1 is Associated with Subclinical Coronary Artery Diseases in Psoriasis
Gregory Goldstein
Stanford University
Prenatal and Postnatal Inflammation-Related Risk Factors for Retinopathy of Prematurity
Shana Kothari, MD
University of Illinois at Chicago Advocate Christ Medical Center
Clinical Benefit of Intravenous Nacetylcysteine in Patients with Ischemic Hepatopathy
Supaporn Kulthinee
Tulane University, Thammasat University
Dominance of Purinergic P2x1 and P2x7 Receptors Mitigates Angiotensin At1 Receptors Influence on Renal Microvascular Resistance in Angiotensin II Dependent Hypertension
Shu-Yi Liao
University of California-Davis
Arginine and Adma Ratio Is Associated With Exhale Nitric Oxide-A Longitudinal Metabolomic Study
Eric Lontchi Yimagou, PhD, MPH
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Liver Insulin Sensitizing Effects of Vitamin D Mediated through Reduced Adipose Tissue Inflammation and Fibrosis
Grace Nelson
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Activation of Toll Like Receptor Pathways in Insulitic Islets of Type 1 Diabetes
Alyssa Perez
High Lung Allocation Scores Do Not Preclude Improvement in Health-Related Quality Of Life after Lung Transplantation
Alejandro Robles
Department Of Medicine, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Rumination Syndrome Is a Treatable Entity: A Single-Center Experience
Juan C. Rojas, MD
University of Chicago
Man vs. Machine: Comparison of a Machine Learning Algorithm to Clinician Intuition for Predicting Intensive Care Unit Readmission
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