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2015 Henry Christian Award Recipients

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Manavjot Singh Sidhu, MBBS, MD
University of Missouri
Feasibility and Accuracy of Stress Testing with Cardiac CT Using Dual Energy
Wenjun Deng, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital
PFO Closure Reduces High Homocysteine Level in Stroke Patients
Camilo Fernandez-Alonso, MD, MSc
Tulane University
Inflammation and Arterial Compliance: A Paradox? The Bogalusa Heart Study
Lei Chen, MD, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital
Clinical Characteristics of PFO Stroke in Pregnancy
Panagiotis J. Vlachostergios, MD, PhD
Lutheran Medical Center
A Prospective Observational Quality Assurance Study of Cost-Effectiveness of TSH Testing in the Inpatient Setting
Kaynan Doctor, MD, MBBS, BSc
Children’s National Health System
Variation in Test Ordering for Low Acuity Patients by Pediatric Emergency Department Providers
Krishna K. Pancham, MD
Children’s National Medical Center
Young Children with History of Prematurity have Impaired Airway Antiviral IFN? Responses to Human Metapneumovirus Compared to Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Amitabh C. Pandey, MD
University of Arizona
Cell Based Therapies and Inflammation in Heart Failure: Expression of Interleukin 1
Akankasha Tiwari, MD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Vitamin D Repletion Reduces Adipose Tissue Fibrosis and Improves Insulin Sensitivity In Obese Insulin-Resistant Humans
Niraj Shenoy, MD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Interaction of epigenetics and TGF beta pathway in Renal Cell Carcinoma- a potential therapeutic target with hypomethylating agents
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