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2014 Henry Christian Award Recipients

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Athis Rajh Arunchalam, MD
Baylor College of Medicine
P2y2 Purinergic Receptor Function Is Essential For The Pathogenesis of Polymicrobial Sepsis
Sudeepta Kumar Basu, MBBS, MS
Baylor College of Medicine
Hypoglycemia And/Or Hyperglycemia In Infants With Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy In The Coolcap Trial Were Associated With Poor Outcome
Michelle Carey, MD, MPH
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Central KATP Channels Contribute To The Regulation Of Endogenous Glucose Production By Hyperglycemia In Humans
Maissaa Janbain, MD
Tulane University School of Medicine
Analysis of Thromboleastometry Findings In Adults with Sickle Cell Disease And Controls
Seunghyun Kim, MD
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
The Role of Leukocyte Associated Immunoglobulin-Like Receptor-1 (LAIR-1) In Suppressing Collagen-Induced Arthritis
Geovanny Francisco Perez, MD
Children’s National Medical Center
Rhinovirus Infection In Early Childhood Is Associated With Elevated Airway Thymic Stromal Lymphopoetin Levels And A Th2 Bias In Airway Immune Response
Oana Adriana Sandu, MD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Five Years Mortality Prediction Performance And Optimization Of A New Artificial Intelligence Model For Cardiovascular Risk
Umadevi Subramanian, PhD
Tulane University
Disruption Of Guanylyl Cyclase/Natriuretic Peptide Receptor-A Gene Induces Cardiac Fibrosis Through Tgf-B/Smad Dependent Pathway
Sneha Kaushikkumar Taylor, MBBS, MD
Harbor UCLA Medical Center, LABioMed Research Institute
Inhaled Vitamin D, A Novel Strategy To Enhance Neonatal Lung Maturation
Qi Xu, MD
University of British Columbia
Pattern Of Brain Injury Predicts Long Term Epilepsy Following Neonatal Encephalopathy
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