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2013 Henry Christian Award Recipients

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Vasudha Neelabh Arora, MD, MBBS
LAC & USC Medical Center
Graded Oxygen Saturation Targets in Preterm Neonates in Relation to Outcome
Parkash A. Bakhtiani, MD
Oregon Health and Science University
Biochemical Stabilization of Glucagon by Polyphenols for Bihormonal Closed Loop Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes
Alfonso Massimiliano Ferrara, MD, PhD
University of Chicago
Transient Perinatal Hyperthyroidism in MCT8 Deficient Mice.
Gentzon Hall, MD, PhD
Duke University Medical Center
Novel Missense Mutation in Cell Cycle Gene FSGS7 is a Cause of Autosomal Dominant FSGS
Jinghong Li, MD, PhD
University of California San Diego
Interleukin-33 Plays an Important Role in Antigen-Dependent and Antigen-Independent Asthma-Like Phenotype
Sarah Lofgren, MD
Emory University
Cervical Dysplasia in HIV Positive Women in the Late Antiretroviral Era
Lama Noureddine, MD
University of Texas Southwestern
Collecting Duct-Specific Inactivation of Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor-1 ? Leads to Cystic Disease and Polyuria
Liping Xiao, MD, PhD
University of Connecticut Health Center
BMP-2 Synergizes the Bone Healing Effect of FGF-2 on Calvarial Defects in Mice
Xuefang Xie, PhD
Children's National Medical Center
The Basic Domain of HIV-TAT is Essential for Targeting TAT to Lipid Rafts (LR) and its Regulation of FGF-2 Signaling in Human Podocytes
Jing Zhao, MD, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
Sepsis Induces Acute Emphysema in a G-Protein Coupled Receptor LPA2 Deficient Mice
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