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AFMR Endowment
Become a Regional Councilor

Participate in your regionís section council by becoming an AFMR Regional Councilor. This is an excellent way to begin a pathway to leadership in the organization. Regional councilors often go on to regional and national leadership positions.

AFMR councilors must be AFMR members in good standing. Check your membership status or apply for membership online.

Regional Councilors are appointed by Regional Council leadership from candidates representing medical and DO schools in the region, as well as PhD scientists doing medical research chosen from appropriate institutions in the regional.

Regional Councilors serve for three (3) years.

Roles & Responsibilities
Roles and responsibilities of regional councilors include but are not limited to:

  • Attending quarterly regional section council meetings.

  • Attending and participating in the planning of the AFMR regional meeting.

  • Promoting AFMR at your institution.
    • Soliciting new members ó individual and group memberships.
    • Following up with members in arrears.
    • Advancing regional meeting attendance.
    • Encouraging colleagues to submit manuscripts/cases to AFMR publications.
  • Reviewing regional meeting abstracts.

Contact us to learn more/express interest in becoming a regional councilor.

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