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Established in 1940, the American Federation for Medical Research (AFMR) is an international, multi-disciplinary association of scientists engaged in all areas of biomedical and patient-oriented research, from the laboratory, to translational to clinical. The organization works to foster the development of future generations of clinical scientists and investigators through its own initiatives, while encouraging public, private, and governmental investment in the development of these individuals. Members of the AFMR are located at government facilities; medical centers; universities and medical schools; research institutions; and private industry. The AFMR also fosters research in the medical sciences, provides leadership in articulating and publicizing the goals of scientific research, disseminates the knowledge that medical research generates, and identifies and supports efforts to advance clinical research.

The AFMR's diverse membership positions the organization as one of the few medical associations with a broad constituency. Members enjoy the ability to tap into a professional network of colleagues whose interests and expertise facilitate the "cross fertilization" of information about current issues in biomedical research. The AFMR repeatedly demonstrates how clinical and basic research efforts integrate to provide the scientific basis for medical practice. The organizationís translational aspect has broad reaching clinical applications and strengthens the fields of scientific study across multiple medical disciplines.

Mission & Goals
The mission of the American Federation for Medical Research is to "develop and mentor tomorrow's leaders in medical research". The AFMR follows this mission with the goal to:

  • Foster excellence in training and successful development of medical investigators
  • Disseminate scholarly, multidisciplinary, ethical research on human disease and health care delivery
  • Educate public and government leaders about medical research and the importance of its support

Meetings & Education
Annually, the AFMR offers four Regional Meetings, sponsors symposia in two National Meetings and promotes smaller educational and mentoring opportunities. Meetings provide CME, speaking and poster opportunities, awards available for abstract presenters, networking with colleagues and mentors, and AFMR members receive reduced registration.

Become a Regional Councilor
Participate in your regionís section by becoming an AFMR Regional Councilor. This is an excellent way to begin a pathway to leadership in the organization. Regional councilors often go on to regional and national leadership positions.

AFMR's publications reflect our commitments to enhancing the training and career development of our members, as well as furthering AFMR's goal to facilitate the conduct of research to improve medical care.

The Journal of Investigative Medicine (JIM) is the official, peer-reviewed journal of the AFMR. Published eight times per year, JIM offers original investigations and abstracts from meetings. AFMR members receive a free subscription to JIM, as well as free page charges for publication in JIM.

The Journal of Investigative Medicine High Impact Case Reports (JIM-HICR) is an Open Access journal. AFMR members receive a discount on manuscripts accepted for publication in JIM-HICR. AFMR Insights is our e-newsletter, which offers regular updates on public policy, clinical research funding, meetings and membership highlights.

AFMR Insights is our e-newsletter, which offers regular updates on public policy, clinical research funding, meetings and membership highlights.

To provide advocacy on behalf of medical investigators and researchers, the AFMR collaborates with The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), Research!America and other related societies, which strengthens the AFMR's public policy efforts to get important messages directly to members of Congress. The AFMR was the leading advocate for the Clinical Research Enhancement Act, legislated by Congress to create Career Development K awards, the NIH Loan Repayment Program, and other funding for clinical investigators. Our newsletter, AFMR Insights, offers regular updates on public policy and clinical research funding.

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