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Health and Safety Protocols
CSCTR's leadership frequently reviews all health and safety factors affecting the 2022 Annual Meeting. We believe that we can safely bring together our highly vaccinated group with strong protocols in place. We also appreciate that the circumstances of each individual and their community, workplace and family may vary. Participation in our meeting is entirely voluntary.

Our face-to-face meeting in Chicago will still take place responsibly with appropriate safety measures. No one understands better than your peers what these past two years have been like for you. Many of our members have expressed a real need to be together for support, encouragement, and rejuvenation.

Our current* Health and Safety Protocols are:
  • All attendees are required to be fully vaccinated and will be asked to show proof of vaccination when they pick up their registration badge.
  • Masks will be required at all times in meeting rooms and common areas. KN95 masks will be available at registration.
  • Social distancing protocols of at least 3-6 feet will be honored.
  • Standing and/or congregating in the back of meeting rooms is not allowed.
  • Food distribution will follow CDC guidelines.

*Health and Safety Protocols are subject to local and state orders at the meeting site (Chicago, IL) and may change at any time. Relevant changes will be updated on this page as well as communicated as quickly as possible with registered attendees.

Individuals not in compliance with all Health and Safety Protocols may be asked to leave the meeting and refunds will not be provided.

If you have any questions, please contact the CSCTR Office or (414) 273-2209.


The leadership of the Central Society for Clinical and Translational Research (CSCTR) and the Midwestern Section of the American Federation for Medical Research (MWAFMR) invite you to participate in the Midwest Clinical & Translational Research Meeting, which has a rich annual tradition of providing a forum for young investigators, fellows, and associate/assistant professors to present their research to leaders in their fields. This is one of the few multi-specialty meetings with a broad focus where the attendees can learn about research techniques used in other medical specialties and apply those techniques to their own research.


The Midwest Clinical & Translational Research Meeting is open to physician-scientists, research scientists, clinicians, and medical education professionals. This meeting is highly recommended for young investigators, fellows, junior scientists, and trainees, who would benefit from close interaction with senior colleagues.


The Midwest Clinical & Translational Research Meeting of CSCTR and MWAFMR will be comprised of presentations about clinical research techniques and new research findings in cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonary and critical care, hematology and oncology, endocrinology, nephrology, infectious disease, allergy, and health care research.


Participants at the Midwest Clinical & Translational Research Meeting will acquire knowledge into clinical research techniques and new findings in various aspects of internal medicine and other fields. At the completion of the meeting, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize the value of new research techniques;
  • Describe new research findings in cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonary and critical care, hematology and oncology, nephrology, infectious disease, allergy, immunology and rheumatology;
  • Explain the diagnosis and management of diseases and disorders across various sub-specialties of medicine.


  • NEW! Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion(DEI) Symposium
  • Harnessing the Immune System Against Cancer: Lessons from Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Mentor Breakfast
  • Henry Christian Awardee, Outstanding Young Investigator, Featured New Investigator, and Early Career Development Awardee Presentations
  • Research Innovations
  • Department Chair and Oral Abstract Sessions
  • CSCTR Hickam Lecture & AFMR Keynote
  • Cardiology/Pulmonary, Metabolism, and Renal/Transplant Clubs
  • Poster Presentations

Chair's Message

Sidharth Mahapatra, MD, PhD Welcome to the Midwestern Section of the American Federation for Medical Research (AFMR).

Resilience in Science through the pandemic, this mantra has allowed research to progress not only unabated but with renewed vigor. I want to applaud all of you for your continued commitment to this cause of scientific advancement for the benefit of our kin. At AFMR, we continue to remain committed to 1) mentoring tomorrow's leaders in medical and translational research, 2) expanding collaborations amongst our member base, and 3) promoting academic endeavors at all levels of training and expertise. Over my tenure, I will seek to work closely with the national and regional councils to expand our membership amongst physicians-in-training who represent our future and to foster mentorship between them and our more seasoned physician-scientists. Our aim remains to serve the young investigator and bestow tools at an early stage that will reap the benefits of early independence and success.

AFMR has long promoted a collaborative spirit in research that reaches across subspecialties and brings down the dated practice of research conducted in silos. As a member, you have access to our various services and platforms for your academic and scientific growth benefit. Please visit our AFMR Virtual Education Portal for online symposia and workshops, the 2020 CSCTR meeting presentations and awards ceremony, and learn ways you can get involved in our organization. Moreover, take advantage of the following publication and award opportunities You can submit your top-quality research and presentations to our 2021 regional meeting, apply for AFMR National Awards, and submit your manuscripts to AFMR's two publications The Journal of Investigative Medicine (JIM) and JIM-High Impact Case Reports both of which are PubMed and Medline indexed. AFMR members enjoy the benefit of discount submission fees to both journals and registration to our meeting.

Although our first virtual meeting in collaboration with the Central Society for Clinical and Translational Research (CSCTR) was a hit, we hope to resume our in-person meeting in spring of 2022. We look forward to your continued participation and contributions in our region.

Sidharth Mahapatra, MD, PhD
Midwestern Section Chair

Jennifer Alexander-Brett, MD, PhD, Midwestern Section Chair-elect
Jennifer Alexander-Brett, MD, PhD
Dubert Guerrero, MD, Midwestern Section Secretary-Treasurer
Dubert Guerrero, MD

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