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AFMR Foundation
AFMR Foundation

The generosity of our donors makes our work possible!

The AFMR Foundation was established in 1989 and exists to ensure adequate financial support and educational offerings to develop and mentor tomorrow’s leaders in medical research. The Foundation collaborates with other organizations to foster research in the medical sciences through a variety of programs:

  • Mentorship initiatives: career development workshops and state-of-the-art-science
  • Awards for junior faculty, young investigators and clinical research trainees
  • Educational and presentation opportunities at national and regional scientific meetings

There are a number of ways you can support the important work of the AFMR Foundation. You will also be providing support for the AFMR regions and contribute to the overall success and quality of the meetings. Funds provided will be used to support invited speaker travel and registration, scholarships and travel awards.

$2500 Recognize the annual AFMR Outstanding Investigator
$1250 Fund a Junior Physician Investigator recipient
$500 Contribute to the Henry Christian awards
$250 Finance a state-of-the art speaker honorarium
$100 Support a Research Scholar
$75 Cover the cost of certificates

If you are interested in charitable gift planning or making a recurring gift, kindly contact the AFMR Foundation.

Keep the Medical Research Legacy Alive!

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