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Eastern Region

Congratulations to the 2020 AFMR Eastern Regional Meeting Scholars!

Khaled Abdelrahman
National Institutes of Health
Relationship Between Body Mass Index, Psoriasis Severity, and Coronary Artery Burden in Psoriasis Over Time

Karima Abutaleb
Children's National Hospital
Differential Effects of IFN-λ and IFN-γ in the Human Infant Airway Epithelium

Saba Ahmed
NYU Winthrop Hospital
Resveratrol Modulates Neuro-lupus in an Atherosclerosis-Prone Lupus Murine Model

Priya Agarwala
NYU Winthrop Hospital
Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: Lung Epithelial Cell Pro-fibrotic Changes Mitigated by Astaxanthin

Jennifer Behbodikhah
Cholesterol Deficiency as a Mechanism for Autism: A Valproic Acid Model

David Grossfeld
NYU Winthrop Hospital
Changes in Cytokine Profile with Prostate Cancer Treatments: A Potential Tool for Determining Prognosis and Designing Optimal Synergistic Therapy

Theodora Ordog, MD
University of Iowa
Multiple Sclerosis: Mycotoxic Leukoencephalopathy

Margo Peyton
Johns Hopkins
Leukocytosis and Hyperglycemia as Additional Indicators of Intracranial Injury in Pediatric Trauma Patients

Jared Schattenkerk
University of Rochester
Socioeconomic Factors and Outcomes from Exercise-Related Sudden Cardiac Arrest in High School Student-Athletes