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AFMR Endowment
Grant Development

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  1. Writing a Grant
    1. How Not To Write an Unsuccessful Grant
    2. Grant Writing for Success*
  2. Budgets and Contracts
    1. Developing Grant Budgets: How to get what you need - you won't get what you want
    2. All About Costs: A Post Award Primer
    3. NIH Research Contracts
  3. NIH Grant Administration and Processes
    1. Current Issues at NIH*
    2. Applying for a Grant
      1. Interacting with NIH Electronically*
      2. Advanced Administrative Topics*
      3. Fundamentals of the NIH Grant Process*
      4. Grant Application Package*
      5. A Walk Through the SF424 Application*
      6. eRA Assembly of the SF424 (R&R) Application*
    3. Grant Review
      1. A Straightforward Description of What Happens to Your Research Project Grant Application (R01/R21) After it is Received for Peer Review
      2. What is an NIH study section like: A filmed study section meeting*
    4. Post-Award
      1. After the Award is Made
      2. How the NIH Program Official Works with Investigators
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