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The annual meeting of the Southern Section of the AFMR was held from February 21-23, 2002 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The program began on Thursday with several workshops, converting subjects of interest to those new in academic medicine. Topics included: "Manuscript Preparation and Peer-Reviewed Publication"; "How to Succeed in Academic Medicine"; and "Resource and Renewal: Recognizing Physician Burnout, Promoting Physician Wellness".

The meeting includes symposia, join poster sessions, plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, breakfast and luncheon programs. Highlights from the SAFMR Plenary Session included the presentations of the Trainee Research Award to M.A. Zaman for his work "High Prevalence in Primary Hyperaldosteronism Among Patients with Resistant Hypertension Referred to a Hypertension Specialty Clinic"; and the Young Faculty Research Award presented to R. Bechara for his work "Ethanol Ingestion in Rats Increases Expression of the AT2 Receptor, and Increases Angiotens in II-Induced Apoptosis, in Alveolar Type II Cells." In addition, 63 young faculty, students, and trainees received research awards sponsored by the SAFMR and the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (SSGI).

The joint plenary session, held on Saturday, focused on "Impact of Genomics and Proteomics on Medicine in the 21st Century". The session featured presentations on "Genes and Genomics: Evolving Health Care", "Vacine Development in the New Millenium", and "Future Therapeutic Strategies for Autoimmune Disease".

Societies participating in the meeting included Southern Society for Clinical Investigation, Southern Society for General Internal Medicine, Southern Society for Pediatric Research, Ambulatory Pediatric Association, and American Physiological Society.

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