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Iuliana Shapira, MD, Councilor-at-Large
Iuliana Shapira, MD
Iuliana Shapira, MD
Term: 4/30/2017 - 4/30/2019

Dr. Shapira is Chief of Hematology Oncology and Associate Professor of Medicine and Cell Biology at SUNY Downstate. She serves as Principal Investigator for NRG group of National Clinical Trials Network and has more than a decade of experience in conducting clinical trial research audits on behalf of NCI Clinical Trials Monitoring Board (CTMB) both as a member of Cancer and Leukemia Group B and Alliance in Clinical Trials for Oncology audit committees. Her major research interests have been the genetics of breast and ovarian cancer, experimental therapeutics and clinical pharmacology. As such, she has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and serves as an editor for two cancer journals. She is past president of American Federation for Medical Research Eastern Section and has trained and mentored many students, residents and fellows, across different institutions. She is member of Financial Committee of the Federation of Societies for Experimental Biology and member of planning committee for Clinical and Translational Science 2018. As lead member of Brooklyn Health Disparities (BHDC) Cancer Taskforce she is charged to develop and rigorously test innovative interventions to reduce disparities in care care and outcomes in minority communities and to strengthen community engagement to promote two-way interactions between community members and academic investigators to enrich the research effectiveness.

Dr. Mather is a Professor of Medicine at Indiana University, and a clinical investigator in diabetes and metabolic diseases. His expertise is in human cardio-metabolic physiology, with a focus on functional cardiovascular physiology, and clinical studies in diabetes including studies of diabetes prevention and beta-cell preservation. He has extensive experience in metabolic studies in humans using insulin-glucose clamp methodologies, advancing knowledge of physiology and evaluating pharmacologic agents from Stage 1 through Stage 3. He also has expertise participating in clinical studies of established and emerging treatments for diabetes including NIH-sponsored multicenter studies and investigator-initiated, industry-funded studies. Dr Mather is currently involved in 3 project areas: 1) In vivo physiology of blood flow and metabolic regulation in skeletal muscle in humans. 2) In vivo myocardial metabolism in humans, measuring glucose and fat metabolism in the heart using PET. 3) Cross-sectional study of the determinants of vascular and metabolic dysfunction in an Indianapolis population at risk for diabetes.

Dr. Mather received his medical degree from the University of Calgary. He is board certified in internal medicine and endocrinology. He currently serves on the National Council of the AFMR, as well as on the Publications Committee.

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