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Amir Goldkorn, MD, Chair of the Western Region
Amir Goldkorn, MD
Chair of the Western Region
Amir Goldkorn, MD

Current Position: Tenured associate professor of medicine at the USC Keck School of Medicine. Education: He received a BA from Harvard University and MD from UCLA (medical/graduate school). Subspecialty fellowship and postdoctoral training at UCSF.
Clinical Interest: Medical oncology, genitourinary malignancies
Research Interest: Capture and analysis of circulating tumor cells and other liquid biopsies (e.g. cell-free DNA and RNA) in order to study cancer resistance and progression and devise better biomarkers and therapies. Also study mechanisms of plasticity that enable cells to transition to a tumorigenic, drug-resistant state.
Award and Honor:
  • WAFMR Outstanding Investigator
  • ASCO Merit Award
  • ASCO Young Investigator Award

Current AFMR position: Chair of the Western Region
Term: 1/31/2017 - 1/31/2018

Dr. Goldkorn is Associate Professor of Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine and the University of Southern California. His laboratory-based research program focuses on developing the therapeutic and biomarker potential of circulating tumor cells, cancer stem cells, and telomerase. Graduate students, postdocs and medical students in the laboratory conduct experiments ranging from basic molecular research to translational medicine assays for clinical trials. These research activities synergize with our clinical activities and provide unique opportunities to translate our laboratory and clinical advances into better care for our patients.

Dr. Goldkorn earned his medical degree from the UCLA School of Medicine. He then went on to complete his fellowship in hematology-oncology and post-doctoral research at University of California, San Francisco.

He was awarded the Outstanding Investigator for the Western Section of the American Federation for Medical Research in 2015. Currently, Dr. Goldkorn serves on the National Council of the AFMR as the President-Elect for the Western Section.

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