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Minute Mentoring

Join us by phone!

Minute Mentoring: Medical Research Writing
Wednesday, November 9, 2016 from 5-6 PM EST

Two AFMR leaders from the Cancer Research Foundation in New York are offering 20 minute, 1:1 mentoring sessions by phone. Join them to receive advice on scientific writing and publishing, or specific feedback on a writing sample that you can submit in advance of the session. Learn about the backgrounds of Drs. Dutcher and Wiernik.

We invite you to REGISTER for a session by sending a brief bio to Nicole Pinkham. You may also send a writing sample if you would like feedback on it during your session.

Sign up quickly to be assigned one of six time slots!

Janice Dutcher, MD   Peter H. Wiernik, MD
Janice Dutcher, MD
AFMR Chair
Eastern Section Council
  Peter H. Wiernik, MD
AFMR Deputy Editor
Journal of Investigative Medicine
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