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Career Development
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  1. Balancing Clinical Work, Research and Life: Time Management
    1. "Keeping the Balance": Life and Time as a Clinical Researcher
    2. Finding balance in a Life in Clinical Research: It's About Time
    3. Time Management in Academic Medicine
    4. Time Management Top 10 List
  2. Developing the Medical Scientist
    1. Issues in Developing the Medical Scientist, Part 3: Evaluation of Scientific Achievement (Essay by and Interview with Marcus M. Reidenberg, MD)
    2. Interview Intro
    3. Interview 1
    4. Interview 1a
    5. Interview 2
  3. Promotions
  4. Keeping Contact With Colleagues - Networking
    1. Building bridges people, fields, institutions
    2. Diversify your connections - the many benefits
      • References
      • Methods
      • Brainstorming
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